Packed with fun - and safety

In complete safety you will have more fun! The new E-Doblò comes with up to 17 passive and active driving safety systems that will help you be safer on the road.

magic view camera

Magic view camera

With the Magic View you will have access to 3 modes to visualize the exterior of your vehicle through a 180° panoramic camera installed at the rear of it.

blind spot detection

Blind spot detection

The system will warn you if another vehicle is near your vehicle's blind spot zones.

trailer stability

Trailer stability control

This additional function of ESP detects the trailer motion and acts on vehicle braking system to stabilize all vehicles equipped with a trailer device.

auto high beam

Auto high beam

This function allows the automatic switch between high beam and low beam, depending on the traffic or when other vehicles are approaching.

Advanced emergency braking system

The new E-Doblò safety technology warns you if the vehicle is at risk of collision with the vehicle in front or a pedestrian crosses your traffic lane, by alerting you or even by reducing the speed of your vehicle. ​

Lane keeping assist

Thanks to the Lane Assist system, you will always be on track. Once the system identifies a risk of accidentally crossing the lane, the steering wheel will gradually correct the position of the vehicle to keep it in its own lane.​

Comfortable and stylish

Magic Top

In the new E-Doblò electric car all space is usable, including the roof. With the Magic TOP you will find a multifunctional space where to store your belongings: two roof cases with a capacity of up to 18l and 60l* and a transparent floating roof with ambient light with a capacity of up to 16l. ​

*Rear roof case.