Fiat 500


The striking style of an icon

If Italy was a car, that would be the FIAT 500. The 500 embodies the Italian spirit in every curve and detail, and its iconicity and timeless design reach beyond the limits of the road. Conquer the city with its easy maneuverability and efficient performance and embark on a journey of style and adventure made only for those willing to discover the true meaning of driving an everlasting Italian symbol.  

Hatchback, Cabrio


14’’ steel wheels​
Grained Mirror Caps​
3,8" Radio​
Siri and Googles assistance through Smartphone​
Manual A/C​
Wrapped steering wheel​
Analogic Cluster​
4 speakers

From 34.500 €
ANTICIPO € 4.042,50, 36 RATE MENSILI DI € 324,50, RATA FINALE € 14.759,14 TAN FISSO 4,95 %, TAEG 6,47 %, Fino al 31/01/2023

Unique Features

Sustainable details

Sit comfortably on the black recycled-fabric seats with the Fiat monogram. Sustainable down to the smallest detail.

Catchy style

Stand out when driving around the city with such style.


Style is what naturally makes you stand out. With the iconic design of the grained mirror caps, the LED DRL lights and the halogen headlamps, your style will be highlighted and recognized from afar.


With a wrapped steering wheel and height-adjustable seats, you'll sit comfortably and enjoy driving while listening to your favorite music from the 4 speakers that make up its interior.


The hybrid Fiat 500 and 500C comes with a number of technology features that will help you drive more safely and make the most of your time on board.​



500% fun guaranteed on board your Fiat 500 and 500C Hybrid. On its 3.8'' radio DAB you'll be able to listen to your favorite AM/FM stations and connect your mobile to listen to your playlists. You'll be able to charger your phone thanks to its USB charger. Inside the 500 and 500C Hybrid your fun and battery are ensured!